Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Are you looking for an interesting and exciting way to earn your Boy Scouts Merit Badge? Then the Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge could be just the thing you need. The badge is designed to teach Scouts about basic sailing and seamanship techniques in small boats.

Before earning the Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge, Scouts must complete eight requirements. A worksheet is available to keep track of progress and make sure all requirements have been met:

  • Identify the safety equipment needed for small-boat sailing.
  • Demonstrate the ability to tie basic knots and hitches.
  • Show a familiarity with the important points of small-boat sailing.
  • Explain the duties of a member of a small-boat sailing crew.
  • Identify the rules of the road as they apply to small-boat sailing.
  • Explain the weather-related factors that affect small-boat sailing.
  • Demonstrate the ability to sail a small boat.
  • Show knowledge of seamanship.

To complete these requirements, Scouts should take a Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge course from a qualified instructor. This course will cover all eight requirements, and the instructor will provide further materials and guidance as needed.

Once all requirements have been met, Scouts will receive their Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge. This is a great way to demonstrate knowledge and skill in the importance of small-boat sailing, and a fun way to earn a merit badge.

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