Glycemic Load Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Glycemic Load Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Knowing your glycemic load and the corresponding glycemic index of different food items can help you make healthier food choices and better monitor your blood sugar levels. A glycemic load (GL) chart is a easy-to-use visual reference to find out the glycemic load of various food items. Here, you can find a free and printable glycemic load chart which you can use for your dietary needs.

What is Glycemic Load?

The glycemic load (GL) is a measure of how a certain food item affects blood sugar levels after it is eaten or drank. The GL of a food item is determined by the glycemic index and the amount of carbohydrates in the food item. A GL of 10 or lower is considered low, a GL between 11-19 is considered moderate, and a GL of 20 or higher is considered high.

Benefits of Using the Glycemic Load Chart

Using the glycemic load chart can help you better manage your blood sugar levels by giving you a comprehensive list of foods and their corresponding glycemic load. This chart also helps you compare different food items and decide which one to include in your diet.

How to Use the Glycemic Load Chart

The glycemic load chart is easy to use. Simply look up the food item you are interested in and find its corresponding GL. This chart is divided into categories, so you can narrow down your search depending on what type of food you are looking for. Keep in mind that the GL of a food item can change depending on the way it is prepared, so always check the GL of the food item before eating it.

Where to Find the Glycemic Load Chart?

You can find a free and printable Glycemic Load Chart here. This chart is regularly updated, so you can always access the latest version of it. Additionally, you can find more information about the glycemic index and glycemic load of individual foods in resources such as the Canadian Diabetes Guidelines and the International Table of Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Values.

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