Which Of The Following Items Is/Are Required On A 12 Foot Inflatable Dinghy

Which Of The Following Items Is/Are Required On A 12 Foot Inflatable Dinghy


Inflatable dinghies are a great choice for recreational boating due to their light weight and space saving design. But, just like any other boat, a 12 foot inflatable dinghy needs to be equipped with safety features and gear in order to be considered safe for use. This article will explore the items that are typically required on a 12 foot inflatable dinghy.

Navigational Lights

Navigational lights are a must-have for any vessel, regardless of size. These lights let other boaters know your location at night and indicate the size and direction of your vessel. For a 12 foot inflatable dinghy, red and green navigational lights are required for use in reduced visibility. Additionally, each light should be equipped with a white plastic shield in order to keep them visible from any direction.

Personal Flotation Devices

Personal flotation devices, also known as life jackets or PFDs, are an essential part of any boat. For a 12 foot inflatable dinghy, you will need to have US Coast Guard approved Type I, II, III, or V PFDs on board. Additionally, you will need to have at least one PFD per passenger on board, and each PFD should be the correct size for the passenger.


An anchor is an important item for any vessel, and a 12 foot inflatable dinghy is no exception. A good anchor should be able to hold the dinghy in place in conditions such as wind and waves, and should be made of heavy-duty steel. Additionally, you should have at least 25 feet of anchor line in order to provide the necessary holding power.

Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher on board is also essential for any vessel, and this is especially true for a 12 foot inflatable dinghy. Fire extinguishers should be rated for Class B-C fires, and should be in good working order with easily accessible gauges. Additionally, a fire extinguisher should be inspected annually to ensure it is functioning properly.


Inflatable dinghies are an excellent choice for recreational boating, and, when outfitted with the appropriate safety gear, can offer a great deal of fun. Always be sure to equip your 12 foot inflatable dinghy with navigational lights, PFDs, an anchor, and a fire extinguisher in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

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