Communications Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Communications Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

The Communications Merit Badge is a great way for Scouts to learn how to communicate effectively. It helps them understand the many ways to communicate and also teaches them the importance of using these skills to their advantage. In this article, you’ll find out all the worksheet and requirements you need to complete in order to earn your Communications Merit Badge.

Requirements for the Communications Merit Badge:

  • For one day, keep a log in which you describe your communication activities.
  • For three days, keep a journal of communication activities. This includes writing the conversations you had as well as any formal presentations you attended or gave.
  • Read a book on effective communication.
  • Prepare a five-minute speech on an approved topic and deliver it to a group of your peers.
  • Interview someone on the job.
  • Participate in a public meeting.
  • Write a one-page report of communication skills needed for a specific job or career.

Communications Merit Badge Workbook:

The Communications Merit Badge Workbook is a helpful tool to help Scouts understand the different communication methods and techniques. It also provides them with a guide to help prepare them for their five-minute speech and interview. The workbook includes all the necessary requirements for earning the Communications Merit Badge. It also helps Scouts explain the importance of communication in the workplace.

Communications Merit Badge Helps and Documents:

The Communications Merit Badge Help and Documents provide Scouts with useful tips and information on the Communication Merit Badge requirements. It also provides helpful information on delivering a five-minute speech, participating in a public meeting, and other important requirements. These helps and documents also provide Scouts with detailed instructions on how to log communication activities and keep a journal for three days.


In conclusion, the Communications Merit Badge is a great way for Scouts to learn how to communicate effectively. By completing the requirements, Scouts will gain an understanding of the different communication methods, techniques, and skills needed in the workplace. The Communications Merit Badge Workbook and the Communications Merit Badge Help and Documents are excellent resources that will provide Scouts with the information they need to complete their requirements and earn their Communications Merit Badge. Good luck!

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