UConn Map PDF

UConn Map PDF


The University of Connecticut (UConn) offers various resources for students and visitors. Many of these resources are available in the form of maps, which can help people navigate the area easily. One such resource is the . Here is an article about the various s available.

1. UConn Forest Area Map

The UConn Forest Area Map is an interactive map created by Open Street Map and is available in PDF format. It is a detailed map of the forest area in Storrs, CT. It includes trails, roads, and useful landmarks in the area. The map can be accessed at this link.

2. UConn Storrs Campus Map

This is a detailed map of the UConn Storrs Campus which includes all the buildings, roads, and trails on the campus. The map also includes a legend which helps in understanding the various symbols and colors used on the map. It is available on this link.

3. UConn Transportation Map

This map consists of the routes taken by UConn buses. It shows the route for the Red Line, Express, Night Express, and Late Night bus services. The map also includes the various stops and the times that the buses reach the stops. The map can be found on this link.

These are just some of the PDF maps available for UConn. There are many more maps available on the UConn website which can help people find their way around the campus easily.

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