The Twelve Months of Girl Scouts Song – (SCOUT CHRISTMAS PARODY)

The Twelve Months of Girl Scouts Song – (SCOUT CHRISTMAS PARODY)

It’s the season of kindness, love, and service, and the Girl Scouts of America are here to make sure that everyone remembers the importance of these virtues in this holiday season! In honor of the Scout Christmas season, we have created a special parody to the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” – “The Twelve Months of Girl Scouts!” We will highlight the many ways that Girl Scouts are making a difference in their communities all year round.

January: Forged with Wilderness Knowledge

As the winter weather begins to chill, Girl Scouts seek adventure and knowledge in the great outdoors. From canoeing to orienteering, Girl Scouts can learn the skills needed to become an expert wilderness explorer.

February: Beacons of Goodwill

In February, Girl Scouts are encouraged to spread the goodwill of the holiday season by volunteering in their communities and collecting donations for charity drives. Girl Scouts will bring joy to those in need and remind everyone how important it is to give back.

March: Pursuit of Higher Education

The third month of the year starts with a focus on studying and knowledge. It is a great time for Girl Scouts to pursue higher education by taking courses and completing educational projects. Girl Scouts can also work towards achieving merit badges to show off their knowledge and skills.

April: All for One, One for All!

April is the time for Girl Scouts to show that they are true team players. From camping trips to showing excellent sportsmanship, Girl Scouts will learn the true meaning of “all for one, one for all” throughout this month.

May: Let’s Plant Some Trees!

Girl Scouts take Springtime seriously, and May is the perfect time for nature walks and tree-planting. Through learning about conservation, Girl Scouts can understand the importance of preserving the environment and keeping forests safe.

June: STEM Skills

June is the prime time for Girl Scouts to unlock their scientific potential. Through STEM challenges and projects, Girl Scouts can learn the basics of coding and robotics and develop an appreciation for science and technology.

July: Cultural Exploration

As the summer months approach, Girl Scouts can explore different cultures around the world. By learning about cultures through books, movies, and even travel, Girl Scouts will become more culturally aware and open-minded.

August: On the Road with Adventure

August is the perfect month for Girl Scouts to take the roads. With car trips, camping trips, or backpacking trips, Girl Scouts can learn to appreciate the joys of exploring new places, meeting new people, and trying new things.

September: Spread Kindness Everywhere

The end of the summer marks the beginning of a new school year, and Girl Scouts can help to make a difference by bringing kindness to their peers and classmates. Through volunteering in classrooms and at school events, Girl Scouts can show the power of kindness to everyone around them.

October: Learning Leadership

October is the month to learn how to become an excellent leader. Being a leader is not only about managing, but also inspiring. Girl Scouts will learn how to inspire their peers and how to create effective and meaningful change in the world.

November: Become a Global Citizen

November marks the start of the holiday season, and it is the perfect time for Girl Scouts to become global citizens. Through research, Girl Scouts can explore different countries and cultures and learn how their actions can have an impact at a global level.

December: Celebrate the Year with Kindness

As the year comes to a close, Girl Scouts can celebrate all the ways that they have made a difference in their communities. Through acts of kindness, Girl Scouts can spread holiday cheer and share the joy of the season with others.

Girl Scouts are dedicated to creating a better world, and the Twelve Months of Girl Scouts will make sure that everyone knows it. The holiday season is a wonderful time to make sure that Girl Scouts are remembered for all of their hard work and dedication all year round. Happy holidays, Girl Scouts!

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