Girl Scout Games – Ultimate Game List (INDOOR AND OUTDOOR)

Girl Scout Games – Ultimate Game List (INDOOR AND OUTDOOR)

Girl Scouts are known for having wild and inventive games that help foster team-building and fun. Whether you’re looking for something to do indoors or outdoors, this comprehensive list of Girl Scout games will help you find the perfect activity for your troop.

Indoor Girl Scout Games

Treasure Hunt: The classic game of searching for hidden items is always a hit with Girl Scouts. You can hide items throughout your home, or have the participants search for items in a designated room. Try making a list of items for them to find, such as a spoon, a book, a toy, etc.

Evolution: A classic game with an energetic twist! Have the scouts form a circle and then add a twist to the traditional game of rock-paper-scissors. Pick one scout to start and have the rest follow suit around the circle. The goal is for each scout to mimic the gesture the person before them made, until an entire sequence of motions has been created.

Outdoor Girl Scout Games

Fording the Stream: A great game to play with a large group of Girl Scouts. Have the scouts get into teams and make their way across the stream, without actually getting wet! Challenge the teams to come up with creative ways to get everyone across the stream without getting wet.

Last Scout Standing: Divide the scouts into two teams and have them stand in a circle. One team becomes the “catchers” and the other team has to dodge the catchers. The catchers must work together in order to catch the other team, while the dodgers must use their agility and wit to stay out of their grasps. The last person to get caught is the winner!

These are just a few of the many entertaining and creative games Girl Scouts can enjoy indoors and outdoors. Whether you pick a classic or an imaginative twist on a classic, the scouts are sure to have a great time. Whether you’re playing for laughs, competition, or just for fun, these Girl Scout games are sure to help build team spirit and camaraderie.

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