Which Of The Following Is Not An Essential Part Of Isolated Soldier Guidance

Which Of The Following Is Not An Essential Part Of Isolated Soldier Guidance


Isolated soldier guidance is a valuable resource for Soldiers who become separated from their unit in hostile environments. It provides an organized, concise set of instructions for managing their situation and reuniting with their unit. To ensure their safe return, it is essential to understand what is and is not considered part of an Isolated Soldier Guidance (ISG) program.


Signals are one of the essential components of an ISG program. This includes any form of communication with other members of the unit, such as radio, telephone, and visual signals. Signals are used to attract attention, communicate with other members, and provide a means of tracking the Soldier’s movements.

Link-up Procedures

Link-up procedures are an essential part of ISG programs. These procedures are used to reunite the Soldier with their unit in a safe and effective manner. This includes establishing a rendezvous point, establishing communication protocols, and developing an evacuation plan if necessary.

Isolation Plans

An isolation plan is a predetermined set of actions that the Soldier will take while separated from their unit. This plan includes obtaining food, medical care, and shelter, as well as establishing communication protocols and evasion tactics. Isolation plans should be tailored to the individual Soldier and the situation they are in.

Your Visual Sightings

Your visual sightings are not considered an essential part of Isolated Soldier Guidance. While this information can be useful, it should not be relied upon as a means of safety or protection. It is better to use the established link-up procedures and isolation plans when attempting to reunite with the unit.

Isolated soldier guidance is an important resource for Soldiers who find themselves separated from their units in hostile environments. To ensure their safe return, they must be familiar with the essential components of ISG programs, including signals, link-up procedures, and isolation plans. It is important to remember that your visual sightings are not an essential part of Isolated Soldier Guidance.

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