What Conflict Does Yoyo Face In This Excerpt? (FIND THE ANSWER)

What Conflict Does Yoyo Face In This Excerpt? (FIND THE ANSWER)

Yoyo, a character from the book “Daughter of Invention” by Julia Alvarez, is faced with a conflict in the excerpt. Yoyo is struggling with her inability to write a good speech for her school’s assembly. She is worried about the judgement of her peers, and is afraid that her speech won’t be accepted or well-received.

This excerpt presents a conflict of personal insecurity. Yoyo is concerned with her skill level and the potential judgement of her peers, thus making it difficult for her to write her speech. This fear of judgement and self-doubt is a common inner conflict that many characters deal with in literature, and serves to develop the character as well as the story.

It is clear that this excerpt presents Yoyo with an inner conflict, as she is battling her own insecurities and doubts while trying to write her speech. The only way for her to move forward and overcome this conflict is to push past her worries and commit to writing the speech, no matter what her peers may think.

Date: 2023-05-22

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