Theater Merit Badge (Worksheet & Requirements)

Theater Merit Badge Requirements

The Theater Merit Badge is one of the many merit badges that Scouts are eligible to earn. This badge requires Scouts to understand the fundamentals of theater, beginning with basic terminology and continuing from there. To properly complete the required work, it is important to understand the specifics of the Theater Merit Badge Worksheet.

In order to receive the Theater Merit Badge, Scouts must complete all of the requirements listed on the Merit Badge Worksheet. The worksheet outlines the eight different requirements for the badge. These include:

  • Understand basic theater terminology
  • Discover the history of theater
  • Know the differences between various types of theater
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of theatrical production elements
  • Gain a basic understanding of working with actors
  • Understand theatrical etiquette and safety protocols
  • Demonstrate an understanding of theater etiquette
  • Create a play or screenplay from beginning to end

Each requirement is broken down into a number of steps that must be completed in order for the Scout to receive the Theater Merit Badge. Scouts must also complete a merit badge worksheet to document their progress.

Worksheets for Theater Merit Badge

There are several different worksheets available online to help Scouts complete the Theater Merit Badge. The Boy Scouts of America Troop 93 website provides a helpful and complete worksheet that includes all of the requirements for the Theater Merit Badge. The Troop 150 Minerva website also provides merit badge books and worksheets for each merit badge. Furthermore, the PDF Filler website offers a free and printable Theater Merit Badge Worksheet.


The Theater Merit Badge has the potential to be one of the most educational, creative, and stimulating badges that Scouts can earn. As with any other Merit Badge, the requirements are specific and must be met in order to receive the badge. Scouts should use the provided worksheets to help them understand the requirements for the badge and complete the work necessary to earn it.

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