Paul’s Case PDF – Willa Cather (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Paul’s Case PDF – Willa Cather (FREE DOWNLOAD)


First published in 1905, “Paul’s Case” is an iconic short story from American author Willa Cather. It’s the timeless tale of a young man caught between two worlds: the dull, ordinary everyday life he knows at home and the thrilling, impulsive world of the theater he loves. Paul yearns to escape his mundane life, but is eventually forced to confront the consequences of his choices. Cather’s richly nuanced exploration of an individual’s struggle for self-fulfillment makes this story timeless.

Story Summary

The story follows Paul, a high school student from Pittsburgh. Paul is a dreamer who longs to escape the mundanity of his life and find something more. To this end, he begins to take risks and live life on his own terms, eventually earning the nickname “The Dandy” among his peers. Eventually, Paul’s actions lead him to the brink of disaster, and he must decide whether to take a chance and continue to live life as he pleases or to accept the more conventional path that is being laid out for him.

Themes and Motifs

Paul’s Case is a story filled with themes of identity, conformity, and creativity. Paul struggles to express himself in a world that attempts to define and limit him. The story also explores the power of creativity and the role it can play in providing solace and meaning in a world that seems to offer little. Furthermore, the story shows how creativity can lead to danger when taken to an extreme. In addition, Paul’s actions can be seen as a form of rebellion against the constraints of conventional society. Cather’s exploration of these themes gives this story a timeless quality that has allowed it to resonate with readers for more than a century.

Download the FREE PDF and Read Paul’s Case

To download the free PDF of Paul’s Case, click here. This full-text book is a classic, and you’ll love reading the PDF. To learn more about Paul’s Case and to get a full text and analysis of the story, visit here. If you prefer a physical copy, you can find Willa Cather’s “Paul’s Case and Other Stories” here.

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