Nella Larsen Passing PDF – By Nella Larsen (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Nella Larsen Passing PDF – By Nella Larsen (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Nella Larsen was an African-American novelist who wrote a groundbreaking novel, “Passing” which links the themes of racial identity and class in a powerful and thought-provoking manner. Larsen’s novel has been the inspiration for the upcoming Netflix film directed by Rebecca Hall, and has continued to be a relevant topic for discussion in current times. This article offers a comprehensive analysis of Nella Larsen’s novel “Passing” and the PDF version of the book that is available to download for free.

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From the Google search results for the term “”, it is evident that the novel “Passing”, by Nella Larsen is available for free download in PDF form. The novel is about two light-skinned African American women who try to pass for white to escape the racism that continues to plague their lives. One of the women, Clare Kendry, cuts ties to her past and her friend Irene Redfield and socializes in white society. The story looks at the consequences of passing on both the individual and race as a whole.

The novel has several themes that are explored, with the main theme being racial identity. Larsen looks at the way in which racial identity can be hidden, as well as the consequences of passing for one’s individual and collective identity. The novel also looks at the implications of gender and class when it comes to the themes of racial identity. Larsen’s novel is a powerful exploration of race, identity, and the consequences of passing.

In addition to the PDF version of the novel “Passing”, there are several other ways to access the book. The novel is available in hardcover form and plain text, as well as ePub. The book can also be purchased from various bookstores.

Overall, Nella Larsen’s “Passing” is a powerful exploration of race and identity that continues to be relevant in our current times. With the novel available to download in PDF form for free, readers of all ages and backgrounds can access and explore this groundbreaking piece of literature.


In conclusion, Nella Larsen’s novel “Passing” is a powerful exploration of race and identity. The novel is available to download in PDF form for free, and offers readers a unique insight into the complex themes of identity, race, gender, and class. Whether it is through the upcoming Netflix film or in its original form, “Passing” is an important and relevant piece of literature.

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