Fingerprinting Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Fingerprinting Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

This article will provide an overview of the requirements, worksheets, and resources needed to earn the Fingerprinting Merit Badge, as of 2023.

Fingerprinting is a merit badge that has been a part of Scouts BSA since 2011, and gives badge-earners an understanding of the science of fingerprinting and its importance for civil and criminal identification. To earn this badge, scouts must complete the requirements set by the Scouts BSA organization.

Requirements and Workbook

To begin, Scouts must understand the history of fingerprinting and the differences between automated and biometric fingerprints. This can be found in the Scouts BSA Fingerprinting Merit Badge requirements.

Scouts must also complete a Fingerprinting Merit Badge workbook to supplement their understanding. The workbook provides an in-depth overview of what fingerprinting is and how it works, and includes questions that Scouts will need to answer as part of their requirements.

Additional Resources

In addition to the merit badge requirements and workbook, Scouts will need to consult additional resources to understand the various aspects of fingerprinting. These resources include books, online articles, and websites related to fingerprinting.

To supplement the workbook, Scouts should consider learning more about the legal and ethical aspects of fingerprinting, as well as any local laws that apply.

After Scouts have completed their workbook and have a greater understanding of fingerprinting, they will need to record a set of fingerprints using a conventional fingerprint card or chart, which is one of the requirements.


The Fingerprinting Merit Badge is an incredible educational experience for all Scouts. With the right resources and dedication, it is an attainable goal. With the completion of this badge, Scouts will understand the science of fingerprinting and the importance of civil and criminal identification.

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