During Emerging Adulthood, All Body Systems _____.

During Emerging Adulthood, All Body Systems _____.

During Emerging Adulthood, All Body Systems Change

Emerging adulthood is a key period for physical development. During this stage of life, our bodies are constantly changing. All body systems, from our skeletal system to our nervous system, undergo significant alterations. The degree of these changes can vary from person to person, but understanding them can help us better understand our own physical development.

Skeletal System

The skeletal system is the most immediately identifiable body system that changes with age. During emerging adulthood, our bones grow significantly; in fact, more than half of our adult bone mass is accrued during this stage of life. This process is known as “peak bone mass,” and it plays a major role in healthy aging and avoiding conditions such as osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Cardiovascular System

Changes in our cardiovascular system are also significant during emerging adulthood. This can include an increase in heart rate due to physical activity or increased blood pressure due to stress. Additionally, emerging adulthood is a key time for making decisions that will affect the health of our cardiovascular system for years to come; eating a healthy diet, managing stress levels, and exercising regularly can all help to stimulate a healthy cardiovascular system.

Nervous System

Emerging adulthood is associated with a slew of changes in our neurological systems. This can include changes in our cognitive abilities, such as improved multitasking and decision making. Additionally, emerging adulthood is associated with the completion of brain development. During this stage of life, our neural connections become more efficient, which can have a big impact our cognitive performance.

Reproductive System

Emerging adulthood is also an important time in terms of reproductive health. This stage of life is marked by an increase in sexual activity, which can lead to several health problems, such as unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Thus, it’s important to practice safe sex and be aware of potential health risks associated with an active sex life.


All body systems undergo significant changes during emerging adulthood. It is important to remain cognizant of these changes so that we can make informed decisions about our physical health. By understanding our physical development, we can proactively make choices that will help us to remain healthy and strong throughout adulthood.

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