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Daisy Scout Songs – An Introduction

Welcome to the world of Daisy Scout songs! Daisy Scouts is an organization for girls aged 5-7, which provides them with a fun and supportive environment to learn and grow. Throughout the years, the organization has produced numerous songs focused on the values and interests of Daisy Scouts. In this article, we will explore some of these songs, including their lyrics, history and influence.

Daisy Chain Song

The Daisy Chain Song is one of the most popular Daisy Scout songs. It has been around since the early days of the organization and continues to be a beloved tune. This song is usually sung in a round and encourages Daisy Scouts to form a chain of friendship. The lyrics for this song are as follows:

“Take my hand and form a chain,

Down a magic Daisy lane.

Form a ring of happy friends,

Till the circle never ends.”

Daisy Gathering Song

The Daisy Gathering Song is a newer song, written to mark the start of Daisy Scout gatherings. This song is often sung as a call and response, with the group of Daisy Scouts repeating the lines after the leader. The lyrics for this song are as follows:

“Daisy Scouts, Daisy Scouts

Hear our voices sing.

Let us gather ’round to hear

Words of friendship ring.”

Daisy Happy Face Song

The Daisy Happy Face Song is another popular Daisy Scout Song. Written to inspire joy and enthusiasm, this song encourages Daisy Scouts to express their feelings with a happy face. The lyrics for this song are as follows:

“Make a happy face,

We make a happy face.

Put a smile on your face,

And spread it all around!”


Daisy Scouts has been around for generations, and the songs associated with the organization remain a beloved part of the group’s culture. The Daisy Chain Song, Daisy Gathering Song and Daisy Happy Face Song are just a few of the many Daisy Scout songs that have been created to bring joy and friendship to the lives of Daisy Scouts.

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