The Pottery Merit Badge is an exciting way for Scouts to learn the basics of pottery and demonstrate their knowledge. Earning this badge requires that Scouts demonstrate their knowledge of pottery techniques, tools, materials, and safety. To complete the requirements, Scouts should be familiar with the merit badge pamphlet, obtain the necessary supplies, and get started on the worksheet.

Pottery Merit Badge Worksheet

Scouts can find the required Pottery Merit Badge worksheet here. The worksheet helps Scouts understand the information they need to read in the merit badge pamphlet and cover the requirements of the badge. Some of the tasks Scouts must complete in the worksheet are:

  • Draw two pottery forms, one of which must be decorated.
  • Discuss the safety considerations related to pottery.
  • Identify tools and equipment used in pottery.
  • Discuss the importance of glaze and firing.

Pottery Merit Badge Requirements

To obtain the Pottery Merit Badge, Scouts must meet a number of requirements, including:

  • Discuss with your counselor the history and significance of pottery and the different clay bodies, glazes, and firing methods.
  • Describe the basic techniques used to shape and form ceramic pieces.
  • Make three pottery projects.
  • Describe the importance of firing in pottery.
  • Demonstrate proper care and use of pottery tools and equipment.
  • Describe the chemistry of glazes.

Completing the worksheets and requirements for the Pottery Merit Badge teaches Scouts a great deal about the art of pottery and how to work with clay. For additional resources, Scouts can visit this website to learn about how to make pottery for a BSA Pottery Merit Badge.

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