The Canoeing Merit Badge requires Scouts to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of canoeing in order to earn the badge. This article will provide an in-depth look at the worksheet and requirements needed for the badge.

Canoeing Merit Badge Worksheet

The Canoeing Merit Badge worksheet is available for Scouts to complete online or in print. It is an important part of the badge requirements. The worksheet helps Scouts prepare for a safe trip on the water in a canoe by demonstrating their skills and knowledge. The worksheet covers topics such as canoeing safety, knots, steering, and campsite selection, as well as understanding hazards that may be encountered while canoeing.

Hands-on Requirements

In addition to completing the Canoeing Merit Badge worksheet, Scouts must complete a few hands-on requirements. These requirements include demonstrating the paddle stroke, displaying knowledge of the effects of wind and waves, performing a wet exit, and demonstrating how to rescue a boat or a person from deep water. After completing these requirements, Scouts should turn in their completed worksheet to the counselor.


The Canoeing Merit Badge is designed to ensure that Scouts have the proper skills and knowledge to safely venture out on the water in a canoe. By completing both the worksheet and hands-on requirements of the badge, Scouts will be prepared to enjoy a safe and enjoyable canoeing experience.

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