Which Of The Following Is Not True Of Gregorian Chant?

Which Of The Following Is Not True Of Gregorian Chant?

Gregorian chant is a type of music closely associated with the Christian faith, and has been around for centuries. Despite its long history, there are still misconceptions about the genre. So, which of the following is not true of Gregorian chant?

Gregorian Chant Was Developed by Pope Gregory I

Despite its name, Gregorian chant was not actually developed by Pope Gregory I. It was, rather, developed mainly in the Frankish lands of western and central Europe during the 9th and 10th centuries, with later additions and redactions. This is according to this source.

Gregorian Chant Is a Style of Sacred Music

Gregorian chant is typically associated with sacred music, and this is accurate. According to this source, Gregorian chantis a style of sacred music that dates back to the first millennium, and became the proper music of the mature Roman rite.

Gregorian Chant Was Invented by Monks

This is not true. According to this source, the tradition of sung prayer dates back centuries before the monks began singing it in the 9th and 10th centuries. Thus, the monks did not invent Gregorian chant, merely developed and preserved it.

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