The Brownie Story Activity – (FREE PRINTABLE ACTIVITY)

Girl Scout Brownies is the first step towards Girl Scouting and is designed for girls in first through third grade. The Brownie story is an integral part of the Brownie program, teaching scouts about values, life skills, teamwork and the importance of helping others. Brownie story activities can be used to bring the story to life and create an enjoyable and educational experience.

This free printable activity is fun and engaging for all Brownies. Scouts will be let in on the story of the two Brownie sisters, Marjorie and Nancy, and their experience with the Frog Prince. During the activity, the Scouts will get to complete puzzles, draw pictures, and answer questions about the story. This printable activity will help Scouts determine the moral of the story and explore the importance of friendship and listening.


This free printable activity is sure to help your Brownies learn a valuable lesson. The activity encourages the development of narrative skills, social interaction, and creative thinking. It also helps to develop motor skills and problem-solving skills by completing puzzles and drawing pictures. The activity also reinforces the importance of friendship, responsibility, and listening to stories.


The activity is a great way to keep Scouts engaged and involved in the story. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Print the activity page.
  2. Read the story aloud to the Scouts.
  3. Have the Scouts complete the puzzles, draw pictures, and answer the questions on the activity sheet.
  4. Discuss the moral of the story with the Scouts.
  5. Discuss the importance of friendship and listening.
  6. Encourage the Scouts to share their drawings and puzzles.


This activity is sure to bring the Brownie story to life and leave Scouts with a better understanding of the story’s moral. It will also help Scouts learn the important values of friendship and responsibility. This activity is a great way to reinforce the Girl Scout values and help Scouts along their Girl Scouts journey.

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