She Used To Be Mine Sheet Music PDF- Free Download (PRINTABLE)

She Used To Be Mine Sheet Music PDF- Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Discover She Used To Be Mine from the musical “Waitress” with free PDF sheet music, guitar tabs, chords and lyrics. Created by award-winning singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, this haunting pop-style piano ballad is filled with emotion and is sure to create magical moments for singers and pianists alike.

About She Used To Be Mine

She Used To Be Mine is a popular song from the musical “Waitress”, and was written by Sara Bareilles. The song has been recorded by many artists, including Bareilles herself. It is a melancholy yet uplifting ballad, with haunting piano and guitar accompaniment. The lyrics tell the story of someone remembering their past, and longing for a simpler time when life was more peaceful.

Download Free Sheet Music and Guitar Tabs

You can find free sheet music for She Used To Be Mine in our library. The sheet music is available in PDF format, and is perfect for playing on piano, guitar, or any other instrument. You’ll also find guitar tabs for the song, which can be used to learn the song quickly and easily. With our free PDF sheet music and guitar tabs, you’ll be able to master this beautiful song in no time.

Lyrics to She Used To Be Mine

If you’d like to learn the lyrics to the song, you can find them here:

  • She used to be mine, now she’s gone
  • A distant memory of what used to be
  • Like the sound of a broken record
  • I can hear her voice in my head
  • As if she’s singing to me now
  • She used to be mine, I remember when
  • We were so in love, we thought we’d never part
  • Now I’m alone, feeling empty inside
  • I’m still trying to find my way back to her

Listen To She Used To Be Mine

If you’d like to hear She Used To Be Mine, you can check out some of the covers on YouTube. There are many versions of the song available, so you can pick one that you like. You can also find original recordings of the song.


We hope you enjoyed reading our article and learning more about She Used To Be Mine from the musical “Waitress”. We also have a wide selection of sheet music and guitar tabs available for download free of charge. So don’t forget to check them out!

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