_____ Involves Knowing About Knowing. – (FIND THE ANSWER)

_____ Involves Knowing About Knowing. – (FIND THE ANSWER)

Answer: Metacognition Involves Knowing About Knowing

Metacognition is the ability to think about one’s own thinking. It is the capability to monitor, evaluate, and control one’s own cognitive processes. Metacognitive processes and strategies are designed to help learners master content and use their knowledge purposefully. Metacognition involves knowing about knowing and can be divided into two components: metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive regulation.

Metacognitive Knowledge

Metacognitive knowledge refers to what individuals know about themselves as cognitive processors, about different approaches that can be used for learning and problem-solving, and the types of knowledge they possess. Metacognitive knowledge includes self-awareness, self-monitoring, and knowledge of available strategies. Examples of metacognitive knowledge include:

• Understanding one’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses
• Knowing what techniques and strategies are available to aid learning
• Knowing when and how to use the learning strategies most effectively

Metacognitive Regulation

Metacognitive regulation involves the ability to regulate one’s own cognitive processes, as well as the techniques and strategies used in learning. Examples of metacognitive regulation include:

• Plan: Identifying what must be done and deciding how best to do it
• Monitor: Making sure the plan is effective and adjusting if necessary
• Evaluate: Checking the accuracy of one’s work and articulating what was learned

Metacognition is the ability to reflect upon, analyze, and assess one’s own thinking. By understanding and developing metacognitive skills, individuals can become experts at recognizing and understanding their own thought processes and strategies. This can help individuals become more productive, successful learners and can better equip them for future endeavors.

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