Food Shelf Life Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Food Shelf Life Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Free Downloadable Shelf Life Food Chart – PRINTABLE

Knowing when certain food items have gone past their expiration date can sometimes be a tricky task. To make sure you never have to question the safety of your food, use these free downloadable and printable pantry shelf life of food charts to help you store and handle your groceries properly.

Printable Pantry Food Storage Chart – Shelf Life of Food

Home-Storage-Solutions-101 offers a free printable shelf life chart for pantry food storage. This resource provides helpful information on the shelf-life of common food items, such as canned vegetables, legumes, dried fruits, and herbs.

Refrigerated Foods – Shelf Life After Coded Date

You can find a comprehensive list of refrigerated foods and their shelf-life provided by FoodShare. This resource includes a large range of dairy products, meats, and other perishable goods that must be consumed within a certain time after the code date or expiration date has been reached.

Proper Food Storage Chart – Download Free Poster

FoodDocs provides a great resource for kitchen staff looking to organize their food storage with a proper food storage chart. This chart includes estimated shelf life of foods when stored at ambient, refrigerated, and frozen temperatures. You can also download a free poster of this chart by visiting the link provided.

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