Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge (WORKSHEET & REQUIREMENTS)

Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge (Worksheet & Requirements)

Earning the Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge is an achievement that Scouts should be proud of. This badge test Scouts on their knowledge of shotgun safety, marksmanship, care and storage of shotguns, and the ethical use of shotguns for hunting.

Getting Started

To earn the Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge, Scouts need to read the merit badge pamphlet, obtain a signed merit badge application from their Scoutmaster, and complete the worksheet found below.


  • Do the following:

    • Discuss with your counselor the safe and responsible use of shotguns.
    • Explain the meaning of the NRA firearms safety rules with respect to shotguns.
    • Discuss the principles of shotgun ownership.
    • Demonstrate the correct method of storing shotguns.
    • Demonstrate the proper method of shooting a shotgun.
    • Explain the importance of patterning a shotgun.
    • Show how to clean and care for a shotgun.
    • Discuss the basic rules of shotgun shooting sports.
    • Show how to score targets shot in a shotgun shooting sport.

  • Shooting Score Required:

    • Hit at least five out of fifteen targets in each of two fifteen-target groups.
    • The two groups need not be shot in consecutive order.
    • A minimum score of 70 points is required to pass.


Scouts should consult the merit badge pamphlet and use this worksheet to guide them through the requirements of the badge. Scouts may use the worksheet to discuss with their counselor topics such as the safe and responsible use of shotguns, the principles of shotgun ownership, the proper methods for storing, shooting, and cleaning a shotgun, as well as the basic rules of shotgun shooting sports. Once the Scout has completed the worksheet, they should be ready to take the shooting score required.

Consult the references provided in the web search results to read more about the details and requirements for earning this badge.

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