100 Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

100 Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)


A 100 chart is a great tool for teaching counting and skip counting to elementary school students. It can also be used for various math activities such as finding multiples of numbers, addition, subtraction, and order of operations. Lucky for you, there are now a number of free 100 chart PDFs you can download and print off for your classroom!

The most basic 100 chart is an empty chart which contains the numbers 1-100. This is perfect for teaching basic counting and skip counting while also introducing students to the concept of a number line. You can also find charts that have missing numbers, so students can practice filling in the missing numbers.

For more advanced students, there are printable 100 charts with a variety of different grids and number patterns. This is a great way to introduce students to multiplication tables, as they can use the 100 chart to practice multiplication facts. It can also be used to teach basic geometry such as angles, lines, and shapes. Finally, it can be used to teach basic fractions and decimals.

There are several sites that offer free printable 100 chart PDFs. Some of the most popular sites include Dad’s Worksheets and Everyday Chaos and Calm. You can also find a wide variety of other printable charts on Free Printable Paper. This site has a variety of different charts, including number charts, multiplication tables, and a range of other math related charts.

Using a 100 chart is a great way to teach basic counting and arithmetic to elementary school students. With the help of these free printable 100 chart PDFs, you can make learning these concepts a fun and engaging exercise!

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