Pipe Schedule Chart PDF

Pipe Schedule Chart PDF

Pipes are important components used in many industrial and construction applications. As such, understanding their specifications is vital. In this article, we’ll look at Pipe Schedule Charts, which are available in PDF format. These charts will help you to pinpoint the exact size and wall thickness of the pipes you need for your particular application.

What Are Pipe Schedule Charts?

Pipe schedule charts are documents that list the basic measurements and weights for different types of pipes. This includes the Nominal Pipe Size (NPS), the Outside Diameter (OD), the Nominal Wall Thickness Schedule (Inch), and a variety of other measurements, such as the weight of a given pipe in pounds per foot. Pipe schedule charts are usually found in PDF format, making them easy to download and access.

Using Pipe Schedule Charts

When you’re looking for the right pipe for your application, you’ll want to consider the NPS and the OD of the pipe you need. The NPS is the Nominal Pipe Size, and it is determined by the pipe’s Inside Diameter. The OD is the Outside Diameter of the pipe, which is determined by the Nominal Wall Thickness Schedule.

In addition to the NPS and OD, you’ll also want to consider the other measurements listed in the Pipe Schedule Charts. You’ll find the weight of a given pipe in pounds per foot, as well as other measurements, such as the parameters for measuring the thickness of the walls.

Where To Find Pipe Schedule Charts

Pipe Schedule Charts can be found online, usually in PDF format. We’ve provided three great options above. The first is from CDB Engineering, which lists basic measurements and weights for different types of pipes. The next is from Scribd, which provides more detailed information for specific types of pipes. The last is from Octal Steel, which provides a comprehensive list of Pipe Schedule Chart measurements.


If you need to know the exact measurements and weights of different types of pipes for your application, look no further than Pipe Schedule Charts. These charts are available in PDF format, and can be easily found online. Use the information provided in this article to find the perfect Pipe Schedule Chart for your needs.

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