Mapei Grout Color Chart PDF

Mapei Grout Color Chart PDF


Creating a beautiful and unique space is easy with a Mapei grout color chart. Mapei offers a wide variety of grout colors, textures, and finishes to fit your design ideas. From solid colors to multiple colors with metallic effects, Mapei grout provides the perfect finishing touch. Whether you need a grout to match existing tiles or stand out on its own, Mapei has the perfect grout to make your vision a reality.

This article provides an overview of the Mapei grout color chart and the different types of grout it offers. The article also includes a PDF download for easy reference and to help you decide which grout is right for you.

Mapei’s grout comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes that can be customized to fit your design needs. These include:

Solid Colors: The solid grout colors are perfect for those looking for a timeless look. They come in a variety of shades ranging from bright whites and tans to deep blues and greys.

Metallic Effects: The metallic grouts are ideal for adding a unique and modern touch to your space. These grouts come in shades of silver, gold, bronze, and copper that will add a sparkle and shimmer to your tiles.

Texture Finishes: The texture finishes add an extra layer of dimension to your tiles. Mapei offers rough, medium, and smooth textures that will bring texture and depth to your tiles.

Color Blends: The blending effects allow you to combine multiple shades together for a unique look. These color blends are perfect for creating a unique statement piece in your space.

The Mapei grout color chart PDF is a great resource for quickly finding the perfect colors and blends for your project. It includes all the grout colors, textures, and finishes in the Mapei range, as well as detailed information on each grout shade and its properties. Download it here for easy reference and to help you decide which grout is right for your space.

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