Research Has Shown That Students Who Watch Others Behaving Aggressively

Research Has Shown That Students Who Watch Others Behaving Aggressively


Research has Shown That Students Who Watch Others Behaving Aggressively

Research indicates that when students watch other people behaving aggressively, it can have numerous negative effects. Studies have consistently shown that watching others behave aggressively can increase students’ own levels of aggression. This could be due to various factors, such as increased peer pressure or a lack of understanding about what is acceptable behavior.

Furthermore, research suggests that observing aggressive behavior can also have a detrimental impact on students’ motivation and academic performance. A study conducted in a school setting found that students rated highly aggressive by peers were also rated by teachers as having poorer academic performance. This suggests that watching other people act aggressively in school can have a negative effect on students’ motivation and their ability to focus and succeed in their classes.

Additionally, researchers have identified that there is a relationship between school climate and student aggressive behavior. It has been found that student aggression can be linked to factors such as school rules, discipline methods, and teacher support. The researchers concluded that aggressive behavior can be influenced by the overall school environment, and that a positive school climate can help to reduce student aggression.

It is clear that research has shown that students who watch others behaving aggressively can often be susceptible to imitating this behavior. Furthermore, these students are also more likely to exhibit lower levels or motivation and achievement which can have a significant impact on their academic performance. Therefore, it is important for educators and school administrators to recognize the potential negative consequences of aggressive behavior and create a positive school climate to mitigate its effects.

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