Daisy Investitures Ceremony – (FREE PRINTABLE GUIDE)

Daisy Investitures Ceremony – (FREE PRINTABLE GUIDE)


The Daisy Investitures Ceremony marks a special milestone in the life of a Girl Scout Daisy. It is a time to recognize the achievements and hard work of the young girls as they join the sisterhood of Girl Scouts. This ceremony is a powerful way to foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging in the troop. Here we provide a free printable guide to help you plan and execute the perfect Daisy Investitures Ceremony.

Planning the Ceremony

The first step in planning a Daisy Investitures Ceremony is to design a meaningful ceremony that reflects the values of the Girl Scout Movement. The ceremony should also incorporate special activities, songs, and symbols that are meaningful to the particular troop. As the organizer of the ceremony, you should consider the timing and location of the event. It is important to make sure the ceremony is conducted in an appropriate and respectful setting.

Ceremony Guidelines

In order to create an inspiring and meaningful ceremony, it is essential to follow a few guidelines. The ceremony should be organized in a way that allows each Daisy to feel like an important part of the troop. It should be conducted in a respectful and dignified manner. The girl’s parents or guardians should also be present to witness the event and show their support. It is important that each Daisy feels welcomed and appreciated by the troop.


The activities for the Daisy Investitures Ceremony should be tailored to the particular troop. Popular activities include reciting the Girl Scout Promise, singing traditional songs, and participating in a Flag Ceremony. The troop leader can also lead the girls in a series of activities that encourage team-building and unity. These activities can range from fun projects to meaningful discussions. The girls should also have the opportunity to share their experience in the Girl Scouts with the rest of the troop.


The Daisy Investitures Ceremony is an important milestone for the young Girl Scouts. It is a time to recognize the achievements of the Daisy Scouts and to welcome them into the sisterhood of Girl Scouting. For this reason, it is important to plan a meaningful and inspiring ceremony that reflects the values and traditions of the Girl Scout Movement. With the help of this free printable guide, you can plan and execute the perfect ceremony.

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