Through the Eyes of Girl Scouting Ceremony – (FREE PRINTABLE GUIDE)

Through the Eyes of Girl Scouting Ceremony – (FREE PRINTABLE GUIDE)

Girl scouting is a journey filled with fun, excitement, and learning, and it is an honor to be able to recognize the commitment and dedication of girls who wish to take the next step in their girl scouting experience. To honor this special occasion, a unique ceremony can be organized to celebrate the transition of Girl Scouts from one level to the next. This article provides a free printable guide that will help you plan and conduct a Girl Scouting ceremony.

Understanding the Significance of the Ceremony

The Girl Scout Bridge to Adult Ceremony is a meaningful way to honor Girl Scouts who have come of age and are ready to take on additional responsibilities as an adult. It is a way to recognize the hard work and commitment they have put in to reach this point. The ceremony allows Girl Scouts to stand together as a group to share, honour, and celebrate their mutual accomplishments.

The ceremony marks the transition from one level of Girl Scouts to the next. Through the ceremony, a Girl Scout is able to recognize her growth, create a sense of belonging, and develop a stronger sense of self-esteem. It is also a way to thank those who have helped her get to where she is today.

What to Include in the Ceremony

When planning your Girl Scout Bridge to Adult Ceremony, it is important to have elements that will make it meaningful for your Scouts. Depending on the available resources and time, you can customize the ceremony to fit the needs of your troop. Below are some ideas that you can include in your ceremony:

  • Decorations – You can decorate the area with balloons, bunting, and other items that will make the ceremony more festive and special.
  • Music – Music can set the tone for the ceremony and provide entertainment. Choose songs that are meaningful or that will evoke a feeling of celebration.
  • Speeches – You can invite a special guest to give a speech, such as a Girl Scout leader, parent, or teacher. You can also have one or more Girl Scouts give a speech about their experiences in Girl Scouts.
  • Reading – Have a Girl Scout or a leader read a poem or passage from a book that is meaningful for the occasion. This can be a meaningful way to emphasize the significance of the ceremony.
  • Door Ceremony – This is a traditional Girl Scout ceremony that can be used to mark the transition of each Scout from one level of Girl Scouts to the next. It involves a “door” that each girl must step through, symbolizing the new adventure ahead of her.

Ideas for the Girl Scouts

As part of the ceremony, Girl Scouts should be encouraged to share their experiences and thoughts about their journey in Girl Scouts. Ideas can include:

  • Creating a scrapbook of their experiences in Girl Scouts, including photos and other mementos.
  • Giving awards and certificates to Girl Scouts to recognize special accomplishments.
  • Sharing stories about the most memorable moments and experiences.
  • Creating a timeline of all the special events and accomplishments.
  • Writing a letter to their future selves about their current feelings and hopes for the future.


Girl Scout Bridge to Adult Ceremony is a meaningful and memorable way to recognize the hard work and commitment of Girl Scouts. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a special ceremony to honor the Girl Scouts in your troop. You can also provide a free printable guide with tips and ideas on how to plan and conduct a Girl Scout Bridge to Adult Ceremony.

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