Conflict Can Be Described As Having All The Following Characteristics Except

Conflict Can Be Described As Having All The Following Characteristics Except


Conflict is a common element in life, and it plays a vital role in literature, movies, and everyday conversations. Conflict can be described as having all the following characteristics except:

  • It can be resolved with compromise and understanding.
  • It requires an armed conflict.
  • It is always negative.
  • It involves two or more parties.
  • It has a clear winning and losing side.

Conflict can take many forms, such as a disagreement between two people, a clash of beliefs, or an ongoing rivalry. All of these situations involve two or more parties who disagree on a certain issue, and both parties strive to achieve their own objectives.

Conflict does not necessarily have to involve physical violence or a clear winner and loser. Conflicts can be solved with compromise and understanding, and they do not always have to have a negative outcome. In fact, conflicts can often lead to positive results when they are managed and resolved in a constructive and productive way.

There are several types of conflict that can be identified in literature, movies, and everyday conversations. These include: Person versus Person, Person versus Nature, Person versus Society, Person versus Self, Person versus Fate/God, and Person versus Supernatural. Each of these types of conflict brings its own set of challenges and complexities that must be addressed in order to successfully resolve the conflict.

No matter what type of conflict is occurring, it is important to remember that compromise and understanding are key. Conflicts can quickly become destructive if allowed to escalate, so it is important to focus on finding a solution that both parties can agree to. By doing so, a resolution can be reached that is beneficial for all involved.

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