Food Shelf Life Chart PDF

Food Shelf Life Chart PDF

The FoodKeeper App from and other popular resources are one of the best resources to find out the shelf life of different food items. This article provides useful information about the shelf life of food items in the form of a chart (PDF) and provides helpful tips to store food safely.

Why Is Knowing the Shelf Life of Food Important?

It is important to know the shelf life of food because some food items can spoil quickly while others can be safely stored for a longer period of time. Knowing the shelf life of food helps you to use the food in the best possible way and also prevents food wastage.

Shelf Life of Food Chart PDF

The following is a Food Storage Guide PDF which can help you determine the shelf life of various food items. This PDF includes all necessary information about food storage including freezer, refrigerator, and cupboard storage times for staples, canned food, and meat and poultry.

Food Storage Guide PDF

Food Storage Tips

  • Always properly cover the food you want to store in the fridge.
  • Keep an eye on food stored in the freezer and use it before it reaches its expiration date.
  • Clean food before storing it.
  • Check labels for expiration dates.
  • Refrigerate food items after thawing.


Knowing the shelf life of food and properly storing it can help in preserving the food for a long time and also prevent food wastage. The Food Storage Guide PDF provided in this article can be a great help in knowing the shelf life of different food items. In addition to that, the food storage tips mentioned in this article will help in properly storing the food.

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