Food Calorie Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Food Calorie Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

A food calorie chart is an essential tool to help you keep track of and maintain a healthy diet. From the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to various websites, there are several ways to access a calorie chart free of charge. It is important to understand that calorie counts will vary based on different food items, and for accurate calorie counts, it is essential to use a reliable source.

USDA Database

The USDA offers free downloadable databases of nutrition information for use with or without a computer. This database includes national food composition data, dietary supplement fact sheets, a nutrient database and more. Users can search for nutrient information by food item, nutrient, or food group. All food items are based on a 100 gram portion size.

Uncle Dave’s Enterprise

Uncle Dave’s Enterprise provides a comprehensive, downloadable PDF calorie chart. The chart is broken down into sections based on the five basic food groups of a balanced diet. Food items are based on a 3.5 oz portion size. This calorie chart is useful for individuals who are just starting out and need to learn how to correctly track their caloric intake. is a website dedicated to providing detailed information about food items and their caloric content. It has a comprehensive calorie chart database to help users count calories faster and easier. The website also offers a free calorie counter app to give users an overview of their nutrition more accurately. It is suitable for individuals who want to lose weight quickly and healthily.


When it comes to tracking calorie intake, it is important to use a reliable source. Different sources have different information about food items and their calorie content, so it is essential to know where to look for accurate information. The resources above provide free downloadable, printable calorie charts to help you maintain a healthy diet and stay on track.

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