Which Of The Following Would Reduce The Supply Of Microcomputers?

Which Of The Following Would Reduce The Supply Of Microcomputers?

There are several ways that would reduce the supply of microcomputers, and understanding them can help prospective buyers understand the market and make a more informed decision. Generally, these means of reducing the supply include technological advances, changes in the cost of production, wage rates for assembly workers, and reductions in the price of computers.

Technological Improvements

When a technological improvement is made, this can lower the cost of producing the computers, and in turn, reduce the supply of these items. Such improvements may include advances in production methods, materials used, efficient interconnectedness and the implementation of automated production processes.

Cost Of Production

Like technological improvements, changes in the cost of production can also reduce the supply of microcomputers. This could include alterations in the costs of materials, as well as labor costs. Additionally, the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980 helped address the concerns of rising production costs, while also enforcing a mandatory requirement.

Wage Rates For Assembly Workers

The wage rates of assembly workers can also impact the availability of microcomputers. Higher wage rates for workers that assemble the computers can significantly raise the cost of production, and as a result, make them more expensive and reduce their overall supply. GSA’s Federal Supply Schedule also provides coverage for lower-cost systems.

Reduction In The Price Of Computers

In some cases, the price of computers may be reduced, leading to a reduction in the supply of microcomputers. These price reductions may be offered to consumers or businesses in order to generate more sales. Ultimately, this could result in a decrease in the number of available computers on the market.

When looking to purchase microcomputers, it is important to understand the factors that can affect their availability. By being aware of the various means of reducing supply, prospective buyers are able to make more informed decisions when shopping for these items.

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