Which Of The Following Is Not An Advantage Of The Trait Method Of Appraisals?

The advantages and disadvantages of the trait method of appraisals are essential to consider when deciding which kind of appraisal system to implement in a company.

The trait method of appraisals, also known as essay appraisals, involve creating written statements that describe an employee’s strengths and weaknesses. The advantage of this method is that it allows managers to gain insight into an employee’s character and competencies more fully and objectively. Furthermore, it provides a way for employees to reflect on and understand their own contributions to the company.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to the trait method of appraisals such as bias and subjectivity. This means that the essay appraisals may be affected by personal opinions that are not based on facts or performance. Additionally, trait appraisals are also less useful in determining which employees to reward and promote.

The one thing that isn’t an advantage of the trait method of appraisals is that it is not an effective tool for measuring employee performance. Trait ratings are primarily opinion-based, and it is difficult to measure an employee’s performance objectively in this way. Furthermore, trait ratings do not reflect the current state of a company or the changing performance of the employees.

Overall, the trait method of appraisals has both advantages and disadvantages, and companies should carefully consider each before deciding which method to use for appraisal. Companies should also consider the differences between this method and other appraisal methods, such as behavior appraisal methods, in order to maximize the benefits of their appraisal system.

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