Daisy Scout Songs

Daisy Scout Songs

As part of Girl Scouts of the USA, the Daisy Scout Program focuses on teaching young children about the outdoors, developing personal growth, practicing positive values, and learning the core values of the Girl Scout program. Daisy Scouts also enjoy singing and playing songs! Here is a comprehensive guide to classic Daisy Scout songs, their meanings and origins, and how to teach them to the younger Girl Scouts.

The Daisy Song

The Daisy Song, also known as “Oh! Were We A Daisy” is the unofficial anthem for the Daisy Girl Scouts. This playful tune is perfect to use as an opening song for Daisy Scout meetings or outdoor activities. Its upbeat melody is sure to get girls excited for activities and it encourages them to work together as a team.

The Daisy Song was first created by the Girl Scouts of the USA in 1919. As part of a larger effort to preserve the history of songs enjoyed by Girl Scouts, many Daisy Scout groups have created recordings of the song. These recordings are often shared with the larger Daisy Scout community, so that Daisy Scouts all around the world can learn and enjoy the same song.

To teach the Daisy Song to younger scouts, Daisy leaders should start by singing the song, emphasizing the correct words and melody. Leaders can then teach the girls each line of the song, one at a time. Leaders can use visual aids like pictures and hand motions for fun, engaging ways to teach the Daisy Song.

Other Popular

Besides the Daisy Song, there are other classic Daisy Scout songs that Girl Scouts have enjoyed for many years. These songs typically have catchy tunes and cheerful lyrics that teach the girls about friendship and team spirit. Some of the more popular Daisy Scout songs include:

  • “Climb Up, Look Up, Lift Up”
  • “I’m a Daisy, Yes I Am!”
  • “If I Had a Daisy”
  • “Daisy Flower”
  • “We’re the Daisy Scouts”

To teach these songs to the younger Daisy Scouts, follow the same steps as for teaching the Daisy Song. Leaders can sing the songs, emphasizing correct words and melodies. Leaders can also use visual aids, such as pictures and hand motions, to help the girls learn the songs.


Girl Scouts have enjoyed singing and playing songs since the founding of the organization in 1912. The Daisy Scout Program is no exception, and its songs provide a fun way for Daisy Scouts to learn important lessons about friendship, teamwork, and the core Girl Scout values. To help Daisy Scouts learn and appreciate these songs, Daisy leaders should sing the songs, emphasizing correct words and melodies, and use visual aids, such as pictures and hand motions, to teach the songs.

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