Based On The Excerpt, Readers Can Conclude That Odysseus (The Speaker)

Based On The Excerpt, Readers Can Conclude That Odysseus (The Speaker)

Edgar Allen Poe’s classic poem, “Annabel Lee,” is a tale of star-crossed love that took place in a distant kingdom by the sea. With this poem, readers can gather information about the speaker, Odysseus.

The excerpt paints a vivid portrait of the speaker’s life in this kingdom by the sea. From the poem, we learn that Odysseus was in love with the beautiful Annabel Lee and that they shared a life of happiness. However, their joyous life was cut short when the “wind came out of the cloud by night,/ Chilling my Annabel Lee.”

From this description, readers can conclude that Odysseus was deeply in love with Annabel Lee and found joy in their life together. His love for her ran so deep that even after her death, he still mourns her passing. This poem also serves as a commentary on the power of love and how it can bring happiness even in the midst of sorrow.

Another thing that readers can learn from this excerpt is that Odysseus was resilient. Despite the tragedy of losing his beloved, he perseveres and looks to the future with hope. Throughout the poem, he expresses his undying devotion to her and never ceases to remember her fondly.

Overall, readers can gather much about Odysseus from this excerpt. By paying close attention to the descriptive language used, one can appreciate the strength of his love for Annabel Lee and the resilience he displays in the face of tragedy.

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