Smokeless Powder Burn Rate Chart PDF

Smokeless Powder Burn Rate Chart PDF

Understanding the burn rate of smokeless powder is an important safety measure for gun users, as an incorrect load of smokeless powder can cause a catastrophic failure to the firearm. Burn rate chart PDFs are available for users to look up the approximate burn rate of smokeless powders.

Overview of Burn Rate

In general, smokeless powder burn rates refer to the speed of the burn of the smokeless powder. This is usually measured in an increase in pressure per millisecond in a closed container. The faster the powder burns, the higher the pressure generated. This pressure can have an effect on the velocity, accuracy, and even functioning of the firearm.

Burn Rate Charts and PDFs

Burn rate charts and PDFs are available for users to look up the approximate burn rate of smokeless powders. The first PDF comes from Henry Krank, which provides a comprehensive burn rate chart for various smokeless powders. The chart also explains why the burn rates of these powders can never be accurately determined, due to their inconsistency in different batches.

Second, The Ballistic Assistant has a powder relative burn rate PDF, including smokeless powders from Hodgdon Powders, Western Powders, Nammo Group, Vista Outdoor, and Nobel Sport. This PDF presents a more comprehensive list of smokeless powders, with more accurately determined burn rates for each.

Finally, Graf & Sons also has a powder burn rate PDF which explains the importance of checking the load data before substituting powders. This PDF stresses the need for users to be extremely cautious when dealing with smokeless powders.


In conclusion, burn rate chart PDFs provide users with comprehensive information on the approximate burn rates of different smokeless powders. These PDFs can be used as good reference materials for gun users who wish to understand the differences between smokeless powders, and help them to stay safe when using firearms.

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