Cub Scout Flag Ceremony – (PRINTABLE SCRIPT AND GUIDE)

Cub Scout Flag Ceremony – (PRINTABLE SCRIPT AND GUIDE)



A Cub Scout Flag Ceremony is a great way to start off any Cub Scouts meeting or event. It is a simple and meaningful way to recognize and show respect for the United States Flag. This guide includes a printable script for the ceremony, along with instructions and tips for leading the ceremony.

Instructions for the Flag Ceremony

The steps for the Cub Scout Flag Ceremony are as follows:

  1. The leader calls for attention.
  2. The leader directs the Color Guard to advance.
  3. The leader directs the Pledge of Allegiance.
  4. The leader directs the Flag Song or National Anthem.
  5. The leader directs the salute to the flag.
  6. The leader directs the pledge.
  7. The leader directs the Color Guard to retreat.
  8. The leader dismisses the group.

Printable Script

The following script can be used to lead the flag ceremony:

Leader: Will the Troop (& Audience) please rise. (Pause for all to stand.)

Color Guard, Advance. (Pause for Color Guard to reach the front and receive instructions.)

Leader: Please face the flag and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance. (Lead Pledge of Allegiance.)

The Flag song or national anthem may be played, sung, or recited.

Leader: I ask the audience to please join me in rendering a salute to the Flag. (Pause for Salute.)

Leader: Please face the group and join me in the Cub Scout Pledge. (Lead Cub Scout Pledge.)

Leader: Color Guard, Retreat. (Pause for Color Guard to reach the sides and salute the flag. Color Guard should remain in place until dismissed.)

Leader: You may be seated. Group is dismissed.

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