Brownie Girl Scouts Meeting Ideas – (TIPS AND GUIDELINES)

Brownie Girl Scouts Meeting Ideas – (TIPS AND GUIDELINES)

Are you a leader of a Brownie Girl Scout troop? Do you need some help in coming up with creative and engaging meeting ideas? Look no further! Here are some tips and guidelines to make the most out of your meetings.

Tips for choosing the right topics and activities

  • Choose activities that are related to the Brownie Girl Scout program goals.
  • Make sure that the activities chosen are age-appropriate.
  • Be sure to choose activities that are within the capabilities of your group.
  • Ensure that the activities chosen will help the girls gain knowledge and skills.
  • Aim to choose activities that are fun and engaging.

Preparing for meetings

During meetings

  • Encourage girls to work together and support each other.
  • Encourage girls to take initiative and ask questions.
  • Provide girls with positive reinforcement as needed.
  • Make sure that all girls feel included in the activities.
  • Adjust activities as appropriate so that all girls have an opportunity to learn and be successful.

Wrapping up meetings

  • Be sure to review any learnings that took place during the meeting.
  • Make sure that all girls have a chance to discuss if they had any challenging or difficult experiences.
  • Encourage girls to share positive experiences they may have had during the meeting.
  • Before leaving, assess the meeting and discuss any areas for improvement for the next meeting.

Following the tips and guidelines in this article should leave you and the Brownie Girl Scouts in your troop in good stead in the event of any upcoming meetings.

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