Life Scout Requirements – Complete Life Rank Guide (PDF)

Life Scout Requirements – Complete Life Rank Guide (PDF)


Life Scout is the second-highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), preceded by the Star rank and followed by the Eagle Scout rank. Achieving the Life Scout rank requires scouts to meet specific requirements as outlined by the BSA. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to all the requirements and resources you need to obtain your Life Scout rank.

Life Scout Requirements

The bare bones requirements for the Life Scout rank are:

  • Be active in your troop for at least 6 months as a Star Scout.
  • Demonstrate Scout Spirit.
  • Successfully complete 4 required merit badges.
  • Develop and implement a service project to help your community.

Let’s unpack these requirements one by one.

Be active as a Star Scout for at least 6 months

You must be active in your troop as a Star Scout for at least 6 months, which means attending meetings, participating in activities, and following the rules of scouting. This requirement is designed to show that you’re committed to the scout program and can handle the responsibility that comes with being a Scout. It also showcases the importance of having the right attitude and values while also showing the character required to be a Life Scout.

Demonstrate Scout Spirit

This requirement is a bit abstract. To demonstrate scout spirit, you must display the core values of the BSA through your words and actions as a Scout. This involves having a positive attitude and participating in the activities in your troop to the best of your ability. Additionally, it is important to have a helpful attitude towards others, to be courteous, and to demonstrate the importance of teamwork. Above all, you must act in a way that reflects your commitment to the Scout Oath and Law.

Complete 4 required Merit Badges

In order to achieve the Life Scout rank, you need to successfully complete four required merit badges. The badges are: Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Environmental Science, Personal Management, and Personal Fitness. These badges demonstrate that you are knowledgeable of the different aspects of life and have the skills necessary to be a successful Scout and leader. You must earn these badges in order to proceed to the next requirement.

Develop a Service Project

The final requirement of the Life Scout rank is to develop and implement a service project for your community. This project must be planned, led, and completed by the individual Scout and must help the community in some way. This requirement not only shows the Scout’s commitment to the community, but also highlights their leadership abilities. The service project should also help you become an active member of the community and demonstrate your willingness to help others.

Resources for Achieving the Life Scout Rank

The following resources can help you successfully achieve your Life Scout rank:

  • – This website offers a workbook to help Scouts organize their thoughts and understand the requirements for the Life Scout rank [1].
  • The Mount Baker Council – This website offers online resources to help Scouts work on rank advancement, as well as all the requirements for the Life Scout rank [2].
  • Wikipedia – This website offers a brief overview of the rank structure for the Boy Scouts of America, including the Life Scout rank [3].


The Life Scout rank is an important part of the Boy Scouts of America and requires Scouts to demonstrate their commitment to the program and their community. This article has provided a comprehensive guide to all the requirements and resources necessary to obtain the Life Scout rank. With these resources and the right attitude, you will be on your way to achieving your Life Scout rank in no time!

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