Which Of The Following Is Not A Recommended Response To An Active Shooter Incident

Which Of The Following Is Not A Recommended Response To An Active Shooter Incident


When faced with an active shooter incident, it’s important to know which responses are recommended and which are not. While it may seem like the only option is to run, hide, or fight, there are some other actions that are not recommended. The following is an overview of the responses that are not recommended when an active shooter is present.

The first response to avoid is to negotiate with the shooter. This is not recommended because the shooter is generally not interested in negotiation and is more likely to become agitated and possibly violent. It is also important to remember that shooters may be wearing body armor or have access to multiple weapons, making negotiation an even riskier strategy.

Another unacceptable response is to further confront the shooter. Going against the shooter puts innocent lives in danger and can have tragic consequences. Trying to overpower the shooter by yourself or with a group is also not recommended. It is best to trust that law enforcement will neutralize the threat.

In some cases, it may be tempting to try and locate the shooter to help law enforcement or warn others. However, this is a very dangerous move and should be avoided. It is best to follow the instructions given by law enforcement, which could include staying in the same location until instructed to move.

Finally, playing dead is not recommended in the case of an active shooter. This is because the response of law enforcement may be to shoot first and ask questions later. Even if the shooter has left the premises, remain vigilant and follow law enforcement directions.

In conclusion, the following responses are not recommended when faced with an active shooter: negotiating, further confronting the shooter, locating the shooter, and playing dead. Instead, it is best to trust law enforcement and listen to their instructions. These tips can help keep everyone safe during an active shooter incident.

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