Appreciation and Inspiration Ideas – (FREE PRINTABLE ACTIVITY)

Appreciation and Inspiration Ideas – (FREE PRINTABLE ACTIVITY)

Appreciation and Inspiration Ideas – (Free Printable Activity)

Appreciation and Inspiration Ideas – (Free Printable Activity)

We all could benefit from more gratitude and inspiration in our lives! Positivity and reflection help bring us closer to our goals and dreams. Gratitude helps us appreciate what we have and motivation helps us keep going. Here are a few great ideas and activities to help you express appreciation and get inspired.

1. Gratitude Conversation Starters (Free Printable)

Gratitude Conversation Starters is a great way to spark meaningful conversations with children and families. The free printable provided here includes 20 age-appropriate questions to help get conversations rolling about things children and families are thankful for. It’s a fun, interactive way to open up conversations about what is important to each person.

2. Gratitude Skittles Game (Free Printable)

This free printable Gratitude Skittles Game can be adapted for children of all ages. Give each player a set of different colored Skittles. Have the players take turns adding Skittles to the bowl and saying something they are grateful for each time they add a Skittle. The game is over when the bowl is full and everyone has had a chance to share.

3. Thankful Pumpkin

This activity is a great way to have children express their gratitude and appreciation. Provide each child with a paper pumpkin template, markers and crayons. Have the kids name their pumpkin and fill it with drawings of things they are thankful for. Hang their pumpkins up around the home or classroom to show their hard work.

4. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt for the Family

This free, printable Gratitude Scavenger Hunt is a great way for families to get outdoors and explore together. Have each family member find items around the house and yard that represent something they are thankful for. After the items are collected, talk about why each family member chose the items they did and why they are grateful for them.

5. Word of the Year Activity and Inspiration List – Free Printable!

This Word of the Year Activity is a valuable and fun way to reflect on the past, motivate yourself for the future and stay inspired. Use the accompanying free printable list to write down a inspirational words that help you prioritize and focus on what you want. Hang up the list of words to remind yourself of these meaningful goals throughout the year.

Expressing appreciation and motivation can go a long way. Use these ideas and activities to help get you started!

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