California’s University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has a beautiful and comprehensive set of maps, detailing all the locations and features of its campus. These maps can be downloaded as a PDF for easy access. To help visitors, students, and alumni explore all of the great features of UCSD, we’ve put together this article about UCSD map PDFs.

Facilities, Directions & Maps Graphical Map

The first map we’ll mention is the Facilities, Directions & Maps Graphical Map of UCSD’s north campus. It has a blue color overlay on the map to help visitors locate buildings, parking, and walking directions. This map can be easily accessed by visiting the UCSD GPS website.


This map, known as the dd20-ucsd-map.pdf, is the main map of UCSD. It includes medical centers, colleges, the theatre district, walking trails, and much more. All of this is labelled in detail on the map. To view this map, click here.

Stuart Collection Walking Tour Map

The Stuart Collection is a group of sculptures that are sprawled across the UCSD campus. To help visitors find their way, they have created a self-guided tour map, which can be downloaded as a PDF. This map contains detailed information about each sculpture, along with its exact location. To download this map, click here.

We hope this article has been helpful in providing a comprehensive overview of the various UCSD maps that are available. Whether you just want to explore the beautiful campus, or you need a detailed map for planning purposes, these UCSD map PDFs have you covered.

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