Millimeter To Inches Conversion Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Millimeter To Inches Conversion Chart PDF – Free Download (PRINTABLE)

Welcome to our article about Millimeter To Inches conversion chart PDF! We’ve gathered all the information you need to easily make the transition from millimeters (mm) to inches (in). For those who need a quick, hassle-free solution, we offer a free, printable PDF of our table of conversion chart. This chart is also available in metric and imperial measurements.

Millimeters to Inches Conversion Chart (Large Numbers)

The metric system is the most widely used measurement system around the world. One of the main benefits of this system is that it makes it easy to convert between different metric units quickly. To convert between millimeters (mm) and inches (in), you can use the following table:

1 1/32
2 3/32
3 1/8
4 5/32
5 3/16
6 7/32
7 ¼
8 9/32
9 5/16
10 11/32
11 3/8
12 13/32
13 7/16
14 15/32
15 ½

You can also use our free, downloadable and printable rulers which include both imperial and metric measurements.

Millimeter to Inches Conversion Chart PDF

We understand that it can be a hassle to manually calculate the conversion from millimeters to inches. That’s why we’ve created a downloadable and printable PDF of our conversion chart. This comprehensive chart is available in metric and imperial measurements.

Simply download the PDF, print it, and use the chart to easily record conversions from millimeters to inches. The chart includes all the measurements up to 15 millimeters, with corresponding inches measurements that you can convert to.


Thanks to our comprehensive millimeter to inches conversion chart PDF, you can quickly make the transition from mm to in! Our chart is available in metric and imperial measurements, and it’s easy to download, print, and use. With this chart, you won’t have to waste time manually calculating the conversions – it’ll all be done for you. Thanks for reading!

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