30 Tiger Scout Songs (ready to print)

30 Tiger Scout Songs (ready to print)

Tiger scouts are a junior scouting program for both boys and girls in the early grades of elementary school. It provides a fun and engaging program to help young children to learn, grow, and develop important skills that will serve them as they progress in their schooling and life activities.

Singing is an important part of the Tiger Scout program, and singing songs is an enjoyable, educational activity the kids can do together. To facilitate sing-alongs, we have compiled a list of thirty wonderful tiger scout songs ready to print and ready to sing!

1. Boom Chicka Boom Song

This silly song is a favorite among Tiger Scouts. It’s great for getting the children to sing in harmony and practice call-and-response.

2. Ants Go Marching

What kid doesn’t love marching? This fun song is sure to get the children up and moving, and teaches them about counting. You can even have them do the actions the ants do in the song.

3. Bug Juice

This lighthearted song is perfect for teaching basic words like bug, juice, and more. It also gets the kids singing in different levels of volume, making it a great way to practice dynamic singing.

4. Home on the Range

This classic song from the 1800s is sure to get the kids in a cheerful spirit. Plus, it’s a great way to practice singing in different ranges, as the song goes from very high notes to very low ones.

5. B-I-N-G-O

A classic that every kid knows, B-I-N-G-O is a great way to get the kids singing in harmony and learning the letters of the alphabet. You can even come up with a game to go along with it!

6. The Cub Scouts Went Over the Mountain

This rousing song is great for getting the kids motivated to tell stories and use their imaginations. Plus, it has lots of repetition, making it easy for everyone to learn and for the kids to keep singing it for days to come.

And so on…

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