Girl Scout Week Activity Packet – (FREE PRINTABLE ACTIVITY)

Girl Scout Week Activity Packet – (FREE PRINTABLE ACTIVITY)

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Girl Scout Week? Why not try a fun activity packet that’s free to print? With this activity packet, you can bring Girl Scout fun into your home or troop.

What is in the Girl Scout Express Pack?

The Girl Scout Express Packet is both informational for you as a parent as well as entertaining and educational for your Girl Scout. It includes activity ideas and information on Girl Scout programs that can keep your scout occupied until a permanent troop home is found. Plus, the express pack comes with a free bag to hold all your craft supplies and Girl Scout memorabilia.

How to Earn the Troop Excellence Patch

The Troop Excellence Patch awards Girl Scouts a badge once they’ve completed 10 Essential Elements – which are activities to promote a positive Girl Scout experience. These activities usually involve teamwork, leadership, and character development activities. Some examples of activities include: hiking, team sports, bird watching, and service projects. With the Troop Excellence Patch worksheet, you can make sure your Girl Scout is on track to achieving her patch.

Free Girl Scout Printables

For the month of February, an extensive list of free Girl Scout printables can be found online to use for your troop meeting. Crafts, activities, and other printables can be found to give your meeting a fun, creative theme. So why not take advantage of these printables to make this Girl Scout Week a memorable one?


To commemorate Girl Scout Week, consider using the Girl Scout Express Packet and its free bag to make for an exciting time. You can also use the Troop Excellence Patch worksheet to track your Girl Scouts’ progress. And with so many free printables available, you can make your troop meeting a fun and unforgettable experience. So use this activity packet to make the most of this special week and to celebrate Girl Scouts everywhere!

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